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We are often asked what we feed our horses because they always look so healthy, shiny, and happy! The secret is out, we use a local grain mill that only uses the best local produce in their animal feed. We have fed this specific formula for years, and have found improved coat and hoof condition along with overall health for all our horses. Our herd consists of:

Middle Aged Horses

Lesson Horses

Moderate Working Horses

Senior Horses

Metabolic Horses


After a lot of research and working closely with the nutritionists at Deal Rite Feeds, we have branded our new Sassy Stables Pro Class Pellet to offer to consumers right from our farm here in Greer, SC. It was created to be fed to all ages and lifestyle classes of horses.

Sassy Stables Pro Class Pellet

Screen Shot 2024-06-25 at 4.01.40 PM.png

Designed to mimic what we love most about other performance brands, we custom tailored this feed to be a close replica of Purina Strategy. We wanted our grain to be suitable for all ages and lifestyles, and affordable! While Purina Strategy sells for $25.99, our Pro Class Pellet is only $16.50 per bag. With high quality plant protein sources, our grain provides a complete balanced feed with excellent palatability! With 12% protein and 8% fat, our Pro Class Pellet is the perfect choice for maintenance and even those in light to moderate work, senior horses and even metabolic horses. 

$16.50 Per 50 Lb Bag

Grow Your Vision


With a NSC of 26% and sugar content of 7%, our pellet feed closely replicates the nutritional value and percentages of Purina Strategy. For comparative purposes, their feed tag is below. Alongside Purina Strategy, this grain is not considered a 'low starch' feed. However, we have two horses currently on this feed that have metabolic issues, one being a senior, and they continue to hold good weight and feel great!

You can pick up your order from our physical location:
570 Barnett Road
Greer, SC 29651


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