Group Rates

Welcome to Sassy Stables! We'd love to host your large group for summer camps, holiday parties, YMCA or daycares, homeschool or church groups, or just for fun! Our picturesque farm, beautiful horses, and stunning mountain views set us apart from the rest. Our group events are catered for children ages 2-12. These packages can be booked on any weekday or weekend we have available. Please read more below, and how to request your booking!


Summer Camps

$350 / 2 Hours

Have a large group and want to host a fun summer field trip? Our Summer Camp Package includes groups of up to 25 children, and is packed with fun and educational activities! Each camper is grouped into a small team where they will visit various different stations together. Each station will have a hands-on activity such as riding, handling and brushing, bathing, and even 'finger painting' the horse! Children will also have time to visit with the bunnies, chickens, and enjoy a cool-off water station. Sometimes we can even ask for a snow cone or ice cream truck to visit on these days as well!

Group Experience

$350 / 2 Hours

This fun and educational 2-hour group experience can be booked any time of year! This package includes up to 25 children ages 2-12. These can be holiday-themed parties, homeschool groups, school field trips, church groups, or just for fun! Children will enjoy visiting different stations where they will participate in various activities such as brushing and petting, feeding and care, handling and riding, and a fun craft activity. In warmer months, kids will enjoy finger painting and bathing the horses! Children will also have time to visit with the bunnies, chickens, and spread out on our beautiful mountain farm.


Single Campers

Do you just have one or two children looking to join a camp that is already coming up? The best way to see what we have coming up is to head to our Facebook Page! We create events throughout the year and the best way is to check our Facebook to see what is coming up.